Who will best represent the 85th District?

Keller or Rager-Kay?

I’ve met Fred Keller, the current representative for the 85th Pennsylvania district, on several occasions and a more civil man I've never met. He is a conservative Republican who seems to understand that he represents all the people of his district regardless of party affiliation and can talk with any of them.

However, so is his opponent in this November's election, Dr. Jennifer Rager-Kay. She is a woman with all the pleasant sociable qualities of Rep. Keller. She, too, understands that, if elected, she represents all people in the 85th District. However, she is currently a doctor, who understands the issues and problem of our health.

According to his website, Rep. Keller worked for 25 years at Conestoga Wood Specialties, rising to the position of plant manager. A fine accomplishment, but he has shown none of that leadership in the House of Representatives.

The four main problems facing Pennsylvania today are (1) job creation, (2) health care for all Pennsylvanians, (3) the opioid crisis, and (4) gun violence.

Keller’s background should have prepared him better for job creation, though we haven’t seen much from him on this issue in the 8 years he has been in Harrisburg.

On the other three issues, who do you think would be better:

Mr. Keller sponsored the bill that prohibited the state of Pennsylvania from initiating its own Affordable Care Act exchange. This bill disallowed a state-sponsored insurance exchange and forced the federal government to supply one for us. Ms. Rager-Kay supports allowing Pennsylvanians access to the ACA via our own exchange.

Fred does not believe that America has a problem with gun violence, hence he opposes gun regulation as mandated by the 2nd Amendment to the Constitution. He seems unaware of the initial clause of the 2nd Amendment: “A wellregulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.” Ms. Rager-Kay supports reasonable regulation of firearms that does not interfere in any way with hunters’ rights or the individual right to defend ourselves and our property.

This is the year of women and children. Hundreds of women are running for office this year in national and state elections, and millions of 18-year-olds are voting for them. These young people want to assure that all American children go to school without worrying about being shot.

Women bring different perspective to the political scene: a kinder, calmer, more rational perspective. Angry men have controlled the Pennsylvania General Assembly for too long.

If you think an attitude change is due, let’s see what a Rager-Kay can do for the 85th House District. Vote for her this November.

Sunbury Daily Item, October 4, 2018 p. B5

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