The Trump-Putin Connection

Two things in the Trump campaign are curious and, if they are related, unprecedented in US history: (1) Trump's attacks on NATO, ending with the claim that he could live with its dissolution, and (2) the fact that Russian hackers only release their hacks of Clinton campaign and Democratic Party e-mails.

Trump's attacks on NATO contradict his claim that he wants to make American stronger, since the dissolution of NATO would make American weaker. NATO is a mutual defense pact that proclaims that an attack on any member is an attack on all members, the US included. It protects the US.

Now that we know the hacking of Clinton's and the Democratic Party's e-mails was done by Russian hackers, probably working for the state. The question naturally arises, why are Russian hackers undermining the Clinton campaign and not Trump's? Why is Putin, as President Obama recently put is, Trump's "role model", someone who Trump holds in higher esteem than the US president?

Having taught Russian and Soviet history for 20 years at Bucknell, I know that the dissolution of NATO is one of Putin's highest priorities, if not the highest. All the former European satellite states of the Soviet Union are now members except two: Byelorussia and Ukraine. NATO has Russia penned up. We have already seen what Putin does to non-members like Ukraine.

The interference with the US electoral process by a foreign power is simply unprecedented. Also, the advocacy of the dissolution of NATO by a major party presidential candidate is unprecedented since the agreement was signed in 1949. I see no way to explain these two odd anomalies except that they are related.

Donald Trump is not only completely unqualified for the presidency, I have to agree with the 50 former GOP security officials that he is a positive danger to US security.

(Sunbury Daily Item, September 20, 2016)