Putting Company before Country
The Trump-Putin Connection

The following scenario fits the facts that we know. I have assumed the worst case scenario to fill in the spaces. Given Trump's political behavior, this would seem to be the most reliable scenario by which to judge him.

So, why is Russia playing such a major role in US politics this particular year? Rex Tillerson is the key to the Trump-Putin connection. Tillerson opposed and lobbied heavily against the sanctions on Russia because the company he headed, Exxon Mobile, had just spent $500 million for drilling rights on 63.6 million acres of Russian territory. If the sanctions were lifted, he, Putin, and Trump (an investor in Exxon) would, over the years, share in trillions of dollars from the oil and natural gas revenues from thousands of wells across Siberia. Siberia is floating on a sea of oil and natural gas. In the US, where Exxon owns drilling rights to 14 million acres, Exxon put down more than 1,000 wells in 2015.

Rex Tillerson might have agreed to help Trump, even encouraged him to run since he had run for president before. Trump has openly talked about lifting sanctions on Russia, which would be welcome news to Putin. Putin was then helping himself by turning his hackers on the DNC and Hillary’s top adviser's e-mail to steal documents.

It would be a tough job to defeat Clinton: Hillary was voted The Most Admired Woman in the World 20 times according to Gallup Polls and started out with a 20 point advantage over Trump.

Tillerson, Putin, Trump, their friends or employees next arrange with Wikileaks by offering money or revenge to Julian Assange, owner of Wikileaks. Assange then dribbles them out on a daily basis for two months. The Republican-controlled media corporations, especially the 24/7 news outlets, fell for the Trump plan, since they are always desperate for any story, factual or fake.

The most critical appointment of Trump then becomes Tillerson as Secretary of State. The Secretary of State will be in a better position to guide the rollback of sanctions. Tillerson lied about the closeness of his connection with Putin, even about knowing of the lobbying effort of Exxon. That Exxon-Mobile lobbied specifically the sanctions on Russia is proven by the fact that the company applied for and received permits to lobby three different pending sanctions on Russia in 2014.

I’ve always thought that Trump ran only for the money his visibility as president would bring. He never contributed to his own campaign; he only loaned money to it with interest. His refusal to place his holdings in a blind trust makes my assumption all the more appealing. We don’t even know how many trillions of dollars are at stake in the Exxon-Russia deal. I'll bet Trump has a pretty good idea.

Donald Trump blamed Russia's traditional frenemy, China, for the global warming "hoax", talked with Taiwan's governor despite the US 'One-China Policy', accused China falsely for fixing the exchange rate on the yuan, the Chinese currency. He has consistently talked about China in terms as negative as he talks about Russia in positive terms. A very suspicious turn-around from current US policies.

If Donald Trump puts Exxon-Mobile investors' interests before the nations and removes the sanctions on Russia, we will know that all this is true. He will follow in the footsteps of Vice President Dick Cheney, who was CEO of Halliburton from 1995-2000 until he ran for the vice presidency. Cheney clearly put Halliburton's interests before those of the nation when Halliburton was awarded an extraordinary $7 billion no-bid contract during his term of office.

(Sunbury Daily Item, September 20, 2016)
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