Barletta on Immigration

BarlettaThe recent article on Congressman's Barletta's futile bill to undercut President Obama's amnesty of undocumented immigrants again reveals Mr. Barletta's basic ignorance of the problem. Barletta's bill to send National Guard troops to the Mexican border to repel the hordes of (5000) children who were walking up to Border Guards and surrendering, again, revealed a similar lack of understanding of that problem.

Now, again, Mr. Barletta's new bill reflects the same misunderstanding of the overall immigration problem. In the article Mr. Barletta claims that his "legislation was introduced Nov. 20, just hours before President Obama's executive action was taken[,] to shield millions of illegal immigrants already present in this country and create competition for scarce American jobs."

Mr. Barletta should have waited for President Obama's executive order to appear. He would have then known that our president's order applied only to those immigrants who have been in the country for five or more years and already have jobs, and whose children are US citizens by birth. Apparently, Barletta would like to separate more parents from their children and/or expel US citizens to foreign countries.

The people President Obama is shielding have been paying sales tax, gasoline tax, and sundry other taxes. Now they will be required to pay income taxes, social security taxes, medicate taxes, further reducing the deficit, for which Barletta's party is responsible.

Thank heaven the same fate awaits this bill as all his other bills when or if it reaches the Senate.

Barletta's voting record may be found here.

(Sunbury Daily Item, December 8, 2014)
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