Why is the System Broken?

I have heard "the system is broken" and "all politicians are the same" over and over when people speak of our political system. Mr. Mazurkiewicz claimed in his letter to the editor this past Saturday (August 13, 2016) that "both parties have been corrupted since [President] Reagan". I hear the problem called "gridlock", which implies that both parties are at fault. President Obama has been criticized for not making more effort to explain his programs or to reach across the aisle by all the commercial media corporations.

The facts paint a different picture: the problems in our governance are overwhelmingly caused by Republican obstructionism. Only the Republican Party is broken. I offer here a recap of some of the things Democrats have never done:

Even if Democrats did all these things, it wouldnot make them right: two wrongs do not make a right. The overwhelming problems of governance of this nation are the result of this kind of Republican misbehavior.

(Sunbury Daily Item, August 17, 2016)