Stock Market under Democrats
If you are a millionaire or billionaire, or even a retiree who depends primarily on the stock market for your income, how should you vote in Presidential elections? If you are not voting for Democratic presidents, you are voting against your own interests.
According to a report by Russ Britt reported on MarketWatch (7/17/2014), at the 2000-day mark, the market had risen (or not) under the following presidents by the percentages shown by their names. (MarketWatch is a News Corp company owned by Rupert Murdoch, who also owns The Wall Street Journal and Fox News.)
Change in the Stock Market by President
Clinton 175.6%
FDR 166.6%
Obama 141.5%
Reagan 88.3%
Eisenhower 70.5%
Truman 44.8%
GW Bush -8.9%
Of course, you will say, FDR and Obama were elected after the collapse of the economy caused by Republican policies. FDR pulled American out of a depression; Obama saved the US from skidding into a depression from the Great Recession we have just emerged from.
But even if you take the daily increases, the market has done better under Democratic leadership. Again, the overall average performance of the market in the first 2000 days of all Democratic and Republican presidents in figures:
Democrats 132.1%
Republicans 33.2%
Finally, the daily increase in the markets under Democratic and Republican presidents collectively and individually.
Presidents% per day

Presidents% per day
GH Bush0.040
Why so many millionaires and billionaires are wasting their money and mental energy in defeating Democrats, demolishing democracy in the process, boggles even my imagination.
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